Casterton 2019 – Dogs for sale

We will have three dogs for sale at the Casterton Working Dog Auction on 9 June 2019.

Supreme Turbo II: black and tan male, DOB 19/09/2017. Sire: Peppercorn Denny and Dam: Lynvale Poppy. Microchip: 956000009590336

Beloka Magic II: black and tan female, DOB 09/07/2017. Sire: Beloka Sharpy and Dam: Beloka Nugget. Microchip: 956000009594989

Beloka Boost: red and tan male, 03/01/2019. Sire: Beloka Blueboy and Dam: Redburn Ginnie. Microchip: 956000010575370

More details and footage will follow soon.

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