A puppy to South Africa!

In September 2016 we were approached by a dog trainer in South Africa, who helps to train working dogs (mainly border collies) for farmers. She has been very interested in getting more quality kelpies in her country, since the conditions are hard and BC’s end up with footsore. So she wanted to import one of our pups.

Very exciting! After a lot of emails to Africa, Jetpets (who organises flights for animals) and our vet, after vet checks, bloodtests and vaccinations, video’s and photo’s, all sorts of training and socialisation it was Wednesday 9 September the day the big trip started for Jiemba.

That night we received a photo from Jetpets in Syndey, and they told us Jiemba had traveled ok on his first flight, that he was happy and relaxed in his crate and just had a walk:

This morning later we received a photo with the message that Jiemba had safely arrived in Africa! Comments of the new owner:

He is gorgeous and such a character. Love at first sight

We are confident Jiemba will settle in smoothly and hope he will have a long and happy life and that is genetics will be a great addition for the gene-pool in his country!

This is not the first Beloka pup going overseas. There are Beloka Kelpies in Austria, Korea, Spain, New Zealand, United States, Sweden and Switserland.

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