Casterton Dog Auction 2022 – Results

We could not have been more happy with the results of the auction at Casterton. Monty was probably the star of the show and he sold for $6000. Stanley sold for $8000, Cassie $10000 and Tessy a whopping $18000. We hope they settle in their new homes quickly and easily, and live long and happy lives with lots of work 🙂

Casterton dogs 2022

We will be taking four of our kelpies to the Working Dog Auction in Casterton. This will be held on June 12. If you can’t be there, you can watch & bid through the website of Auctionsplus. For any questions give Paul a ring on 0418335306

Note: Tessy was advertised as a pup on AuctionsPlus, this is incorrect

Tessy: 2y4m red and tan female. Click here for video

Cassie: 9m red and tan female, Click here for video

Stanley: 5m red and tan male. Click here for video

Monty: 3m blue male. Click here for video