Training at your farm

If you cannot travel to Beloka, we can come to you!

We understand that traveling a long distance is not always convenient for people, especially farmers. That is why we are happy to travel throughout Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia to conduct Working Dog Schools on your doorstep.

All we need is

  • 50-100 sheep
  • Sheep yards
  • Small paddock(s)
  • Inside area, like a shed, for white board instruction
  • 6-12 participants

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a Working Dog School.

Jacinta - sheep farmer - hosted our Dog School recently:

Paul Macphail of Beloka Kelpies is a wonderful mentor and teacher. It was a fantastic weekend and I'm thrilled how it all went. To see the progression of our working dogs on the 1st day of our school here at Lexton to the last day was testament to the skills and patience of Paul. We all came along with a common goal and went home confident we could get the best out of our working Kelpie.Thanks so much Paul for your humour, skills, teaching and mentoring us to better understand our working dogs and to be able to get the best out of our working Kelpies. We would host another next year if all is going well. Highly recommended and a great weekend.

Huw - Overseer on a sheep and cropping property:

I had a an excellent time with Paul at the Lexton dog school, my second dog school. His tuition is invaluable and I thank him immensely.