Working dog training

We cater for all working dogs

Border Collie training

Is your dog causing you stress? Is it barking, chasing, not listening, pulling the leash? We can help!

Can't get it to work stock, or can't get it to stop working?

Being too forceful, or not able to get it to move your flock?

Or have you just bought a kelpie and have no idea how to handle it or where to start the training?

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Our facilities

The facilities at the Beloka farm are especially designed for our course, with a round yard and different sizes yards and paddocks, so you and your dog can work at your level and step up to the next when you are ready for it. You can practice for dog trials on the trial grounds. We mainly work sheep, but have ducks and cattle available as well.

Location: Beloka farm, Welshpool, Victoria

Note: All dogs have to be up to date with vaccination before entering the property.

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Tom working Ned in race

Note to the City Slickers

We find that 95% of sheep dog breeds work instantly and are easily trained. This training on sheep has huge benefits in obedience off lead training, mental stimulation and socialisation. When a dog is in prey drive (working instinct) at the park or on a walk it is almost impossible to stop this behavior. But when working on sheep in a safe environment with experienced instructors, this instinct can be redirected into a positive activity that your dog will love and accept the obedience because it will be rewarded with more herding.

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