About Our Working Dog Training

We cater for all working dogs

Border Collie training

Is your dog causing you stress? Is it barking, chasing, not listening, pulling the leash? We can help!

Can't get it to work stock, or can't get it to stop working?

Being too forceful, or not able to get it to move your flock?

Or have you just bought a kelpie and have no idea how to handle it or where to start the training?

2 Day Dog School

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Bring your dog/s, learn heaps and have fun!

This is a two day course, held on our property in Welshpool and occasionally on different locations. Over a weekend you will learn a lot about your dog and it's behaviour in general, how to communicate so your dog understands you, obedience, how to solve problems and of course everything there is to know about herding.

From beginners to experienced handlers, 14 wk old puppies to old dogs, farmers to city slickers, our Working Dog Training caters for all working dogs. We have over 30 years of experience with all sorts of working dogs including rescue dogs and 'problem dogs', no problem is too big for us!

You and your dog will be able to move with stock through paddocks and yards, while having control of your dog. It is a hands on weekend, with plenty of time to practise the things you have just learned.

We use a ‘hands on approach’ starting with you and your dog on sheep, and back that up with white board instruction. We work in small groups and you learn understanding and developing the instincts of your dog and how to work with it, not against it. You learn communicating with your position and body movement: this foundation work will build strong working bonds with your dog and develop to a higher standard of ability. We will talk about and practice commands, obedience and stress free stock handling.

The theory section is where Paul explains the basics on a white board.

The course includes:

  • Instinct testing
  • Body language and position
  • Obedience on and off lead
  • Working in the paddock on a bigger flock of sheep
  • Commands, off balance
  • Backing and barking
  • Casting and driving
  • Stock Flow & Leaders
  • Getting rid of bad habits

We start 9am and finish at 4-5pm

Private Lessons

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A private lesson goes for 90 minutes and we can address all issues you would like to work on. We recommend this option if you have limited time, have a few specific or urgent issues, live close by and/or especially if you do not want to do any herding. In a lesson Paul will not only train your dog, but will teach YOU how to train your dog.

Dog Training Beloka Friends
Tom working Ned in race

Note to the City Slickers

We find that 95% of sheep dog breeds work instantly and are easily trained. This training on sheep has huge benefits in obedience off lead training, mental stimulation and socialisation. When a dog is in prey drive (working instinct) at the park or on a walk it is almost impossible to stop this behavior. But when working on sheep in a safe environment with experienced instructors, this instinct can be redirected into a positive activity that your dog will love and accept the obedience because it will be rewarded with more herding.