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Feb 26 - Foster Show Grounds

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Foster Trial Entry Form 2022

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Twice a year we run Working Dog Trials at the Beloka Farm

On the Easter Weekend we run Sheep and Duck trials and on the Melbourne Cup weekend we run the Top Dog Challenge, where dogs have to compete in four different trials on sheep, cattle and ducks and the combined score determines the "Top Dog".

Other activities include Open, Novice and Encourage Trials and for the beginners there is the City Slicker Trial.

During the lunch break we have Novelty Events.

It's a great weekend for the whole family. 

Instinct testing

For the beginners there is a round yard where you can work your dog on sheep with the guidance of a dog trainer, who will help unlock the instinct of your dog.


Competitors and spectators can camp on site for a small fee of $10 per tent/caravan from Friday night until Sunday. No bookings required. Payment can be made on the weekend in the "Office" or beforehand on an Entry form, downloaded from this website.


We will have two food vans on site selling food, drinks, ice cream and coffee from early morning until about 5pm. Saturday night we will have a roast lamb dinner. To book in for that come and see us during the Saturday or beforehand on an Entry Form, which you can download from this website.


If you are interested in trialling and want to know more about the Victorian Yard Utility Farm Dog Association (VYUFDA) please go to their website.

To become a member so you can enter affiliated trials please click here.

City Slicker Sheep Dog Trials

Unique to Beloka Kelpie Stud, our City Slicker Sheep Dog Trials are the only ones in the world!

The aim of the City Slicker Trial is to give people a start into sheep dog trialling. Over the years we found out that the step into the encourage trial level is too big to do at once for many people. The CST is especially designed for beginners: the sheep are well educated and the judge can help you if needed. If your dog naturally balances the sheep up to you and you have done the basic obedience (sit and stay) you should be able to complete the course. It is a fun opportunity to compete in a sheep dog trial.

You can enter this trial if

  • you are a City Slicker (definition: if you don’t live or work on a farm) and
  • you have never won any sheep dog trial before, including the City Slicker Trial;

Or if

  • you live or work on a farm and
  • you are not experienced with the Encourage Trial level

Depending on the convenor and judge on the day a person not qualifying the above rules can still enter this trial, but is not eligible to win. Convenors are able to change rules as they see fit.

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