Casterton Dog Auction


A new record has been set this weekend at the online Casterton Working Dog Auction: the highest priced kelpie sold for $35.200! Both Rumble and Rooster sold for just over $16.000 each, and Beau being the highest priced pup sold for $9050. We are obviously very pleased with the results. Thanks to everyone involved, a special thanks to the Casterton Kelpie Association for their hard work and also thanks to sponsor Coprice Dog Food. We hope to be back next year in person!

Casterton Beloka Rumble, Rooster and Beau

We will be going to the Casterton Working Dog Auction on June 12&13. The Auction will be on Sunday and will be run in conjunction with AuctionsPlus, so online bidding is possible.

We have entered three dogs in the auction:

Beloka Rumble: Lot 23. Karana Whisky X Beloka Angie, 4y2m old. Fully trained and expierenced, practical dog, has done plenty of stock work on cattle & sheep. Singlehanded worker, gets the job done. Good grip, hold on stock, tough and forceful when needed in yard/shed and on cattle. Well mannered, obedient, loyal and friendly.

Beloka Rooster: Lot 36. Beloka Blueboy II X Redburn Ginnie, 2y5m old. Fully trained, beautiful dog, good natured and awesome worker: forceful in yard/shed/truck with back and free bark, stylish in paddock. Works cattle and sheep. Happy friendly mate.

Beloka Beau: Lot 14. Roustabout Gus X Beloka Ziva, 6m old. Ripper pup, very nice work with grip, cover, hold and push. Will make a great allrounder. Friendly and good type.