Our dogs

The Beloka Kelpie Stud started when I purchased a farm at Welshpool, in steep hilly country. I needed kelpies that had the ability to cast and muster cattle and sheep in the steep hills, but also able to fill up the shearing shed and work through the yards. I was looking for strong, tough and intelligent kelpies with endurance and the ability to work the stock low stress and ‘correct’.

I did lots of research and found the Liscannor, Capree and Barambogie Studs had those kelpies, which suited my needs.

I purchased Liscannor Bogie and Cottonwood Sally and joined Sally to Capree Sledge. Beloka Max was born. These bloodlines are still in the Beloka Kelpies today with Beloka Gloria, Tom, Angie, Jo, Roy and many others holding up the name and doing the stock work on the Beloka farm.

The genetic traits that we look for in the Beloka Kelpies are

  • The working instinct: strong heading, cover and hold, eye, distance, strength and force
  • Temperament: solid, bold, intelligent and strong
  • Appearance: athletic, endurance, strong, good looking

And above all:

  • Loyal
  • and friendly

We mainly sell pups and started dogs. Once in a while we have a fully trained dog for sale. If you are interested please contact us.

We sell our eight week old pups for $990. This includes GST, first vaccination, microchip and vet check.

If you own a kelpie pup or are considering purchasing one please read this page: Crate Training