Skip in the USA

Recently we sold Beloka Skip to Mr. Austin in Oklahoma, USA. He was looking for a fully trained, red and tan female to work his cattle. Skip would fit that job perfectly and so we shipped her over in June. A few weeks later we visited her, met her new owners and held a two day working dog school there. It was great to see Skip in her new home, being well looked after and knowing there is heaps of work for her there.

Skip in Welshpool, April 2019

Interested in importing a Beloka Kelpie?

We sell our kelpies overseas. If you would like to purchase a pup please contact us and tell us exactly what you are looking for. If we do not have the right pup for you at that moment you will placed on a waiting list. When we have a litter we like to keep a few pups and will wait until they are old enough to be working on sheep (around 10 -14 weeks). We will select one which we think will suit you best and send you some footage to make sure you are happy as well. For more info, just contact us.

Skip at the Dog School in Oklahoma, June 2019