Working Dog School

Our Working Dog School caters for all working dogs

Fun in the run

The Working Dog School is a 2-day course. Bring your dog(s), learn heaps and have fun!

From beginners to experienced handlers, 14 wk old puppies to old dogs, farmers to city slickers, our Working Dog School caters for all working dogs. We have over 30 years of experience with all sorts of working dogs including rescue dogs and 'problem dogs', no problem is too big for us!

We use a ‘hands on approach’ starting with you and your dog on sheep, and back that up with white board instruction. We work in small groups and you learn understanding and developing the instincts of your dog and how to work with it, not against it. You learn communicating with your position and body movement: this foundation work will build strong working bonds with your dog and develop to a higher standard of ability. We will talk about and practice commands, obedience and stress free stock handling.

Dog School Beloka Friends

The course includes:

  • Instinct testing
  • Body language and position
  • Obedience on and off lead
  • Working in the paddock on a bigger flock of sheep
  • Commands, off balance
  • Backing and barking
  • Casting and driving
  • Stock Flow & Leaders
  • Getting rid of bad habits

We start 9am and finish at 4-5pm.

Tom working Ned in race

The facilities at the Beloka farm are especially designed for our course, with a round yard and different sizes yards and paddocks, so you and your dog can work at your level and step up to the next when you are ready for it. You can practice for dog trials on the trial grounds. We mainly work sheep, but have ducks and cattle available as well.

Note: all dogs have to be up to date with vaccination before entering the property.

Prices for the School at Welshpool:

  • Full course (one dog+one human) $330
  • Full course (one dog+two humans) $440
  • Full course (couple with two dogs) $550
  • Spectator $175
  • One full day $175

Location: Beloka farm, Welshpool, Victoria

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Addition: this year we will be running more Advanced dog schools. Those  weekends are for people who have done a minimum of three 'normal' schools and/or know the basics about herding. To book in for those weekends please send us an email.


Note to the City Slickers:

We find that 95% of sheep dog breeds work instantly and are easily trained. This training on sheep has huge benefits in obedience off lead training, mental stimulation and socialisation. When a dog is in prey drive (working instinct) at the park or on a walk it is almost impossible to stop this behavior. But when working on sheep in a safe environment with experienced instructors, this instinct can be redirected into a positive activity that your dog will love and accept the obedience because it will be rewarded with more herding.

Carolyn - attending the Dog School in May 2018
Thank you for the BEST weekend I’ve had for a long time. Everything was more than I had expected. Paul your teachings made me both laugh and cry and the end results were obvious. I came away so inspired to work hard with my Bella who astounded me with what she could do. Relaxing around the fire with great likeminded people and dogs all around and a yummy lamb roast  was a perfect end to the day. Next day Bella made me proud working in the big paddock with the big kids (kelpies). Thanks again.

Robert - attending the Dog School in Dec 2017

My wife couldn’t believe the huge change in Tobi! He’s much more settled and doesn’t pull at all on walks. He’s like a different dog. It’s interesting as loud noises don’t scare him so much now whereas before he’d jump at the slightest sound. And he’s much less demanding but no less affectionate.
Thanks for an amazing experience and it was really great meeting you both.

Jo - attending one day in June 2017

Just wanted to say what a great day I had when I took Bella. Learnt soo much and felt well supported. Was initially thinking, as I was not a country person, I would not fit in, but Paul is soo professional and shows a real understanding of people. Oh of course and Kelpies. Thanks so much and I will return.

Greg - attending the school in March 2017

Just finished a weekend training at Beloka with our kelpie pup Blossom. This was a great weekend which taught me as much about myself as it did about Blossom. To Paul and Anneke thank you so much for a great weekend, you generosity and hospitality and just being amazing people. We'll see you again soon 🙂

Heather - hobby farmer

4 mths ago I adopted a 7yr old Border Collie - a failed working dog from a dairy farm. I wanted to understand her better so I could work to her strengths.My son had taken me to an Open Day at Beloka a couple of years ago and I liked what I saw. So I contacted Paul & Anneke and booked in for a Working Dog School. This was last weekend and we had an absolutely fabulous time. We chose to camp at Beloka and joined the others for the roast lamb dinner on Sat night. Day one had all of us working sheep with our own dogs. Then after dinner spent the rest of the evening sitting around a fire, chatting and relaxing in a great farm-shed with our dogs. Day two we were working with larger flocks on big paddocks and then more close up work in the yards. Paul is a great teacher of people & dogs, and let's face it: It's usually us people who need to learn new skills. I was amazed how much I achieved in just two days and how much fun we had doing it. Added an unexpected bonus is that implementing Paul's techniques has strengthened the bond between me & dog - she really does enjoy me taking control and giving her clear direction. I'm practicing what I've learned and plan to book in for more classes with Paul in the future to build on the basics and because it's so much fun.

Emily - working part time on a sheep farm

Will is going fantastic, he gained so much confidence after our first school and so did I. Before coming down to you guys, I couldn't get him to work consistently. Now he is casting and backing like a pro with so much confidence with or without other dogs, he's so much more responsive and obedient. I thought it would be a good idea to come back and keep the training going, I had a really great time last time.
Thanks, Emily.

Daryl and Michelle - city slickers

Sunny has been really good most of the time. The training weekend has done him the world of good. He's been stopping, staying & waiting with great results and lots more but still gets a little distracted at times. He's wanting to learn which is great. He's walking so much better on loose lead too. We see a huge change in him and believe it's all to do with what you guys have helped us teach him and him wanting to learn (he does love Paul really?). I've highly recommended you to a couple of friends of ours. Looking forward to coming down again soon.

Debra - teacher

Took my city slicker kelpie Zoey to the last working dog weekend at Welshpool. As she is a rescue I wanted to give her a chance to try what she was bred to do, but more importantly, I was having some behaviour and fear aggression issues with her that I had not been able to address successfully. Her first meeting with sheep did not go well. She saw them coming, went into total fear aggression mode, slipped her collar and took off to hide under a car. The second meeting included all of the above as well as peeing herself!
Thinking I was going to have to turn around and go home I was pretty despondent, but Paul was patient with me and Zo. She quickly got over her fear and switched into "Born to do this" mode. We went on to have a sensational weekend with me needing to learn more about herding than she did! It has now been one week since I did the course and I have a different dog. She is calmer, has shown no fear aggression, even to her worst triggers, listens carefully to instructions and is dedicated to pleasing me - probably so she can go again!
I cannot thank Paul enough for my new "Queen Zoey". Will repeat the weekend as soon as I can.