Kelpie Stud and
Working Dog Training at
Beloka farm in beautiful South
Gippsland, Victoria

  • Paul with dog portrait
  • Dogs working sheep

Experiencing a dog training problem?

From beginners to experienced handlers, puppies to old dogs, farmers to city slickers, my Working Dog School caters for all working dog problems. I use a hands on approach starting with you and your dog on sheep, notes and white board instruction. Working in small groups understanding and developing the instincts of your dog and how to work with it, not against it.

Paul Macphail

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What’s happening at Beloka

Flyer October 2016

Working Dog Trials

Get your dogs ready for the Working Dog Trials! Lots of activities, and if you have no experience with trialling you can compete in the novelty events, test the working instinct of your dog with a professional in the round yard and watch the champion dogs in action! Lots of great prizes to be won, […]

Beloka Bazz Casterton 2016

Bazz and Tammy for sale at Casterton

We will have two dogs for sale at Casterton this year: Beloka Bazz and Beloka Tammy. Both good workers in paddock and yards, they have been doing all sorts of practical work on sheep and cattle.

Flyer Tasmania 2016

Paul going to Tasmania

Paul will be going to Tasmania to do three dog schools. For bookings and more information send us an email