Casterton Results

We are wrapped and very honoured with the results of the Casterton Working Dog Auction. All three dogs presented well, and sold exceptionally well. Beloka Jock, now named the $4million dollar dog, which was really just a coincident of being ‘at the right place at the right time’ made the Casterton Working Dog Association have a total turnover of $4 million dollars since they started 28 years ago. A great milestone for them. Jock sold for $15K. Bootz made the Top Pup Price of $9K and Laila made Top Overall Price of $20K, with her age of only 11 months quite an achievement and very unexpected!

A great and well organised weekend, a big shout out to the committee who after so many years still works relentlessly to promote the Kelpie Breed. We’d like to thank our friends and everyone who has supported us throughout the years and we hope to see you again next year at Casterton (if not before!). Put it in your diary: June 7&8 2025 🙂

Beloka Bootz, top priced pup and Beloka Laila, top priced dog.
FLTR: Jack Andrews, Anneke Homan, Paul Macphail, Mitch Leek and Karen Stephens.
Beloka Jock being the $4million dollar dog. Posing with vendor, purchaser, auctioneers and Casterton Association members.