Casterton Working Dog Auction

We’ve entered three of our dogs in the Casterton Auction. Casterton is a large event, widely watched and a good opportunity to showcase our dogs. That’s why only the best go to Casterton!

Beloka Jock LOT 11 – Black and tan male, nearly 4 years old. Experienced – A top, all-round work dog with some great genetics behind him. Has worked for Go Livestock Contracting. Has a big cast, drives mobs, works sheep and is tough on cattle. Is experienced loading sheep handlers, backs and barks in the yard and shed. Works by himself or in a team. Great type, very athletic, plenty of endurance, goes all day. Ready to go. GO TO AUCTIONSPLUS

Beloka Laila LOT 21 – Red and tan female, 11 months old. Trained – A stand out female, ticks all the boxes. Classy with great footwork. Distance, anticipation, holding ability. Strong heading and easy to control. Natural push around the yards with free back and bark. Strong on cattle. Friendly, loyal and biddable. Good type. Breeding quality. Reg WKC GO TO AUCTIONSPLUS

Beloka Bootz LOT 44 – Red and tan female, 6 months old. Well Started – Bootz is a Little Cracker! Confident and strong on stock. Reads the mob and holds the control points. Plenty of push & bark in the yards and naturally backing already. Both parents are top all-rounders, worked regularly at the Beloka Farm. Reg WKC GO TO AUCTIONSPLUS